Kudos can help you create offices that will invigorate your team, enable your business goals and be a positive environment for your brand to flourish.

Office Re-fit & Refurbishment

Good office design positively affects both the mood of your employees and their productivity. A well-designed office does more than impress your clients – it changes the way that you work. At Kudos, we understand that transforming your environment can be critical to your success and we will work with you to get the exact image you require at a price you can afford.



Kudos’ extensive industry knowledge means that we can expertly select, procure and furnish innovative office and leisure spaces both ergonomically and aesthetically.

Our products range from executive desks to chaise lounges, meeting tables to lighting. We believe that fluid communications are key and so we work closely with designers and our clients to identify their specific needs before making our recommendations.

Each solution is then crafted to individual needs and requirements. We follow The Kudos Process which often ends up saving our clients money, by identifying possibilities that they hadn’t even considered.

Concept Design

Kudos Interiors will take a look at your space with you, to learn about how your environment works on a day-to-day basis and then suggest how good planning could help your people be more comfortable, inspired and productive. We will then provide you with a free Concept Design for your consideration.


Sourcing Design Detail

Once you’re happy with your concept we’ll provide the Sourcing Design Details: furniture, interior design plans and construction schedules.


Project Management & Delivery

Kudos’ services have been built around our QUEST; we believe this is crucial in providing the highest level of service to all our clients. To find out more, read our QUEST information.


At Kudos Interiors we recognise that today’s client is also tomorrow’s business. Our on-going customer support ensures that we don’t forget you or your needs. So when you ask us for an extra file frame, a set of keys or a small relocation, you’ll still get that same reliable and efficient service time after time.


Office Refurbishment Surrey

To discuss your project please contact us on 0845 177 0565, or enquiries@kudosinteriors.com.