Meet the Orb

A different kind of desk… all round! Meet the Orb – pick an alternative to rectangular desks and bring some curves to your office space. These beautiful interlocking desks are more science than fiction – allowing you to make the very most of your space,... read more

Time to make a stand?

Time to make a stand? The latest trend in office furniture is the sit-stand desk – and there are a lot of reasons why you and your staff could benefit from trying one out. You don’t have to look far to find out what all the fuss is about. The vast majority of us... read more

A potted history of the office

A potted history of the office The environment you work in can have a tremendous effect on how you feel about work – and that’s been true for several hundred years. Whilst the big, open-plan office may be a relatively recent thing, people have always valued a good... read more

Contemporary Design Exhibiton

  If you are looking inspiration for your office innovations join us at The 100% Design Exhibition at Olympia, 23rd – 26th September. This is the largest and longest running design event for industry professionals in the UK, with 28,534 visitors in 2014.... read more

Sharing The Times

This week we read an interesting article in The Times by Tom Whipple, Science Editor … A group of architects in London believe positioning the lavatories, printer and kitchen in a place where office workers will bump into each other has great results. “We can... read more

Agile Working

When people discuss agile and flexible working instinctively the focus is on flexible hours, hot desking or home working. This leads me to ask do we have a real understanding of the terminology. So what is ”agile working”. How does it differ from “flexible working”... read more

Learning zones

In many education environments there is a drive to reduce the amount of specialised mono-functional learning space that is often expensive to construct and difficult to utilise intensively towards creating more multi-purpose flexible spaces that can be used for a wide... read more

Pod Workspaces

 Advances in technology, changing work patterns and the trend towards open plan workspaces have resulted in an evolution of the modern workplace.   Haven Pods are the latest addition to the existing Haven product family. ‘Solo’ and ‘Solo Plus’ invite individual... read more