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The latest trend in office furniture is the sit-stand desk – and there are a lot of reasons why you and your staff could benefit from trying one out.

You don’t have to look far to find out what all the fuss is about. The vast majority of us spend 7-8 hours every day sitting at our desks, and studies show that it’s simply not good for us.

In fact, a recent study of 800,000 found that those who sat down for the longest period had a 112% greater risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes, whilst risk of cardiovascular problems increased by 145% and the chances of dying from heart attack or stroke by 90%. Those are staggering statistics and if you’re like the Kudos team, you’ll be interested in innovations to stay fitter and feel more productive.


So what is a sit-stand desk?

It’s as simple as it sounds – an easily adjustable, lightweight desk that can be raised so you can stand at it while you work, or lowered so that you can sit down. Making the change from standing to sitting on a regular basis during your day can keep you healthier – research published found that sitting for most of the day increases the fatty deposits in your arteries, regardless of how much exercise you take at other times.

At an NHS trial of sit-stand desks in Leicestershire, staff using the desks have reminders to change position, which keeps them alert and more engaged in their working activities.


 Your chance to find out more

We can tell you more about the health and business benefits of sit-stand desks. They cost less than you think, are easy to install and will help you to offer your staff a healthy, pro-active working environment. In turn, everyone will be more active, feel energised and potentially be less likely to get sick.

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